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Our Mission

Our Mission: Founded in 2017, The Garret Torney Foundation is an organization set up to help veterans battle PTSD. We will lead our efforts by raising funds, spreading awareness and partnering with like-minded charities that we know, trust and who support Veterans within our communities. By creating meaningful relationships with those involved. We exist to benefit Veterans and to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.

The Garret Torney Foundation


Fox 8 News and Cindy Farmer getting to know The Garret Torney Foundation

Meet Our Team

This is a group of Garret's friends and family that have all come together to create a foundation he would have been proud of in his honor. All these individuals make up a team that is dedicated to helping our Veterans get the service dogs they need.

Derek Ridge - President

Layton Johnston - Vice President

Katy Torney - Treasurer

Vlad Ciocan - Secretary

Local and national GTF Supporters